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People with learning disabilities speaking up.

In 1991, Mid Glamorgan People First was set-up.


It started as a self-advocacy group for

people with learning disabilities.

It was to help people in hospitals and day centres have

a say in what they wanted to do in their lives.

The government made changes to the councils in Wales. People First Bridgend came from these changes.

A People First self-advocacy group.

People First Bridgend has grown since then.


It does lots of things to help people with

learning disabilities.


It will always have a self-advocacy group.


And it will always help people with learning disabilities speak up and stand up for their rights.


In 2016, People First Bridgend became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, or CIO for short.

This is a type of Charity.

People First Bridgend must report to the

Charity Commission.


People First Bridgend is led by a board of trustees.

The trustees do this for free and in their own time.

They make sure People First Bridgend keeps doing good work for people with learning disabilities.

They interview and employ new staff.

They make sure People First Bridgend has enough money to do its work.


People First Bridgend doesn't have trustees with learning disabilities. Instead, it has an Advisory Team.

When the trustees want to make changes to People First Bridgend like hire new staff, they ask the Advisory Team what they think.

The Advisory Team makes sure that people with

learning disabilities still have a say in how

People First Bridgend is run.


People First Bridgend has a Staff Team.

The trustees employ the staff team to do the work of People First Bridgend.

The staff team are paid to do this work.

QPM  AWARD People First Bridgend colour.png

In 2022, People First Bridgend was awarded

Advocacy QPM again.

This lets people know that our work is good quality.

People First Bridgend have to do Advocacy QPM every 3 years to be allowed to display this logo.

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