Our Team

Our Staff Team

Adam Kurowski Wakeford – Operational Manager


​Adam makes sure staff are doing their jobs right and that they are happy at People First Bridgend.

He makes sure People First Bridgend is doing the right activities and the right amount of activities.

He manages People First Bridgend's money.

He has to report this to the trustees.

Email: admin@peoplefirstbridgend.co.uk

Joy Gwilliam – Statutory Independent Professional Advocate


Joy helps people with learning disabilities speak up and be heard.

An advocate supports people to understand and have their views heard.

Joy gets involved when the law says that health and social care services need to get an advocate for someone.


​This is called statutory advocacy.

Email: ipa@peoplefirstbridgend.co.uk

Lauren Davies – BSSG Facilitator


Lauren runs the Bridgend Spectrum Social Support Group, or BSSG for short.

She helps people with autism get to the group

and join in.

She also arranges trips and activities for the group.

Email: bssg@peoplefirstbridgend.co.uk